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What does Ramadhan mean and where did this word come from?...


What does Ramadhan mean and where did this word come from? The Arabic root word “Ramdha” means a very hot ground, somewhat like a desert with burning rocks and sand. It means that in this month, something is melting. The month of Ramadan is the month that our sins will God-Willing melt. Another meaning of it refers to the intense rays of the sun. This is the month that Allah, with His burning love for his creation, will lighten up the hearts of believers. Another meaning of the word “Ramdha” is the first rain of Fall, meaning after a long period of time when the air has been polluted and no rain has fallen for several months. It is then that the mercy of Allah finally pours down and cleanses everything. Since last Ramadhan, our hearts have turned into swamps of pollution. We’ve been filling our hearts with the love of everything except Allah, and this month has arrived just in time for us to wake up, cleanse our hearts, and let only our Creator enter into it.

(via thebeautyofislam)